Rosco Photo Lighting Filter Kit | 12 x 12"


The 12 x 12" Photo Lighting Filter Kit is a selection of filters chosen by Rosco and deemed essential for the majority of photographers. The kit contains one piece each of 20 different filters that color-correct and/or add color effects to your light source.

20 Filter Selection:

  • CTO and other filters that warm up the lights in your shot
  • CTB filters for creating cool-lit effects and balancing tungsten lights
  • Neutral Density filters for lowering the overall output of non-dimmable light sources
  • Plusgreen for balancing your strobe with fluorescent lights
  • A range of color effects filters to add bold, dramatic color into your shot

Key Features
  • 20 Filter Selection
  • Color Correction and Effect Filters
In the Box
  • Rosco Photo Lighting Filter Kit | 12 x 12"
  • 20 x Gel Filters