Slik 504QF-II Video Fluid Head


The Slik 504QF-II Video Fluid Head was designed as a dual solution for the traveling videographer using light camcorders who also may desire to use still cameras.  It is rapidly deployed, quite smooth and easily used.  Note that it has three axes of movement, as opposed to a normal video head's pan/tilt exclusivity; this is so that you can make vertical orientation pictures with your still camera. Decades of experience and a wealth of accumulated photographic knowledge, combined with current engineering, have been instrumental in helping Slik create tripods and heads that are amazingly light, yet offer remarkable strength and stability. The 504QF-II is the only video head on the market to have a third axis of movement, permitting vertical orientation images with still cameras. It is an excellent compromise for anyone looking to use small video cameras and still cameras with a single head.

Key Features
  • Smooth tilt axis movement
In the Box
  • Slik 504QF-II Video Fluid Head
  • Slik Quick Release Platform for Slik 503QF, 504QF, 523QF Tripods
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty