Sprint Block Stop Bath for Black & White Film and Paper | 4 Liters


Sprint Block Stop Bath is a buffered, vanilla scented stop, which Safely and effectively stops development and adjusts the ph of b&w films and prints without unpleasant side-effects.

Key Features
  • An indicator color signals exhaustion in b&w printing solutions. This stop dilutes in a 1-9 ratio.
  • Using Block: In conventional stop baths, the acid ingredient which stops development is hazardous and unpleasant to use, and can damage prints.
  • Acid can break down print sizing which normally protects fibers from fixer thiosulfate contamination, a major cause of deterioration.
  • Plain water stop baths eliminate the side-effects of acid, but do not stop development as effectively, and can cause stains and emulsion swelling and reticulation.
  • Block is an acid solution, but the acids are buffered to minimize the side-effects. Buffering protects print fibers for greater permanence, reduces emulsion swelling, staining, reticulation and eliminates odors. 
  • Block will also prevent carbonate gas ruptures of films (pinholes) when used as directed.
In the Box
  • Sprint Systems of Photography Block Stop Bath for Black & White Film and Paper | 4 Liters