Tether Tools JerkStopper Catch for Cables


The JerkStopper Catch for Cables from Tether Tools prevents cables from accidentally falling off a table or desk when not connected to a computer or other device. The Catch mounts to any flat surface and can be permanently affixed with an epoxy, bonding adhesive, or double sided tape or temporarily mounted using the included fasteners. With your cable loosely secured it will simply retract to the JerkStopper when released from your device, clearing your desk or table space without falling to the floor.

Key Features
  • Temporarily or permanently mountable to any surface
  • Stops cables from falling to the floor
  • Compatible with cord and cables with diameters from 0.14 - 0.33" (3.5 - 8.5 mm)
In the Box
  • Tether Tools JerkStopper Catch for Cables
  • Fasteners for Mounting
  • Limited 90-Day Warranty