3 Legged Thing Winston 2.0 Tripod Kit with AirHed Pro Ball Head (Bronze and Blue)


This bronze and blue 3 Legged Thing Tripod Kit includes a bronze Winston 2.0 Tripod and blue AirHed Pro Ball Head. Together, the tripod and ball head form a support system that features three detachable legs and a removable center column. With the ball head, each leg can be configured as a monopod with up to a 60.3" height or can be combined with the center column to form a monopod with up to 79.0" in height.

Tripod heads such as the AirHed Pro Ball Head that are compatible with a 3/8"-16 mount can be connected to the top of the Winston 2.0 Tripod. When combined and configured as a tripod, the Winston 2.0 Tripod and AirHed Pro Ball Head supports up to 88.0 lb and measures 24.0" when folded. Each of the tripod's 3-section legs features an independent spread, a 3-position angle lock, and twist locks for rapid deployment. The Winston 2.0 Tripod and AirHed Pro Ball Head can be set at a minimum height of 9.1" when the tripod's push-and-pull, rapid center column is removed. Together, the three legs can be extended to obtain a maximum height of 59.0" or 76.4" with the center column fully raised along with the ball head. Each of the carbon fiber legs includes a removable rubber foot, which can be substituted with separately available spiked feet to further enhance stability on a wide variety of surfaces, including soft or uneven soil.

For added versatility, the Winston 2.0 Tripod's three removable legs can be substituted with separately available 3 Legged Thing footwear accessories for use as a tabletop tripod. A carry bag with strap is provided for storage and transport. The AirHed Pro Ball Head is an Arca-type ball head with a load capacity of 88.0 lb and can be attached to tripods or other support systems that feature a 3/8"-16 mount. Cameras or accessories that are compatible with a 1/4"-20 mount can be connected to the included QR-OCTA Quick Release Plate. The quick release plate can be attached or removed from the integrated clamp located at the top of the head's ball-and-socket joint by tightening or loosening the clamp's knurled, locking knob. Dual retaining screws are included for use along the underside of the plate. These screws prevent the plate from accidentally sliding off the ball head when the clamp is opened. The quick release plate features a rubberized, non-slip platform while a built-in bubble level along the edge of the clamp opposite the clamp's locking knob accommodates landscape orientations.

By loosening the ball head's primary locking knob, the head's ball-and-socket joint can be quickly swiveled, angled, fully tilted, or returned to its upright position. Under the primary locking knob is a secondary locking knob, which controls the ability to rotate the head 360°.

Key Features
  • Load Capacity: 88.0 lb
  • Max Height: 76.4", Min Height: 9.1"
  • Folded Length: 24.0"
  • Leg Sections: 3, Weight: 4.5 lb
In the Box
  • 3 Legged Thing Pro 2.0 Winston & AirHed Pro Bronze
  • 3 Legged Thing Winston 2.0 Tripod (Bronze)
  • 3 Legged Thing AirHed Pro Lever Ball Head (Blue)
  • Microfiber Bag