Westcott Wrinkle Resistant White Backdrop | 9'x20'


This 9 x 20' Hi Key White Wrinkle-Resistant Polyester Backdrop from Westcott is a must-have for studio photographers. The matte backdrop is constructed from heavy-duty wrinkle-resistant polyester that is machine washable in cold water. It has grommets on two sides and a 3" pole pocket that makes it easy to hang. A heavy-duty cloth carry case is also supplied. Please note that wrinkle-resistance is a relative term. Wrinkle-resistance is a relative term. As such, the way the backdrop is stored, and used will have an effect on its wrinkle-resistance.

Key Features
  • Seamless
  • Pole Pocket
  • Grommets on Two Sides
  • Machine Washable in Cold Water
  • Matte Finish
In the Box
  • Westcott Wrinkle Resistant White Backdrop - 9'x20'
  • Heavy-Duty Cloth Carry Case