Westcott 6350 Solix Bi-Color 1-Light Compact Kit

Featuring a portable, versatile light source with color, light intensity, and power options, the Solix Bi-Color 1-Light Compact Kit from Westcott is an ideal choice for image-makers in the studio or on location. The Solix has one simple dial for all adjustments. Color temperature is variable from 3200 to 5600K to accommodate any ambient light condition, integrate seamlessly with other fixtures, or spark creative expression. The light earns a high CRI/TLCI rating of 97/98 - an indicator of superior accuracy in the rendering of color. Offering another option; light intensity is variable too, from 1 to 100% while the output is flicker-free at up to 960 frames per second.

The Solix has a wide beam spread of 120 degrees that can be contoured by swinging one or more leaves of the included 4-way barndoors into the path of the light. Other convenience features include a built-in speedring that accepts rod-based softboxes weighing up to 4.5 lb, while its tilter bracket has an umbrella channel and a 5/8" receiver for industry-standard light stands. The Solix Bi-Color is ready for worldwide use with the included 100 to 240VAC adapter, but with an optional cable, it will also run on D-Tap / PowerTap batteries when mains power is unavailable. As a bonus Westcott includes a collapsible softbox to temper the bright LEDs, as well as a travel case for storage and transport.