Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone Paper | Glossy, 11 x 14" , 50 Sheets


Multigrade FB Warmtone Paper from Ilford is a traditional black and white fiber-based printing and enlarging paper characterized by a warm white base, receptiveness to various toners, and a sturdy double-weight, 255 gsm thickness. The creamy, off-white base color produces rich, warm black tones and smooth whites and is compatible with the Multigrade system of filters for seven full grades of contrast adjustment. It is suitable for use with both conventional black and white negatives as well as XP2 Super chromogenic negatives. This item is one box of 50 sheets of 11 x 14" paper featuring a glossy surface finish.

Key Features
  • For Traditional Black & White Printing
  • Baryta-Coated Fiber Base
  • Delivers Seven Full Grades of Contrast
  • Double Weight, 255 gsm
In the Box
  • Ilford Multigrade Fiber Base Warmtone Glossy Paper 11 x 14" - 50 Sheets