Alvin 37" Orange Plastic Ice Tube


Alvin 37" orange Ice Tube mailing storage tube. Transparent orange PVC plastic Alvin Ice Tube shipping tube is designed for mailing/storing anything that can be rolled: charts, maps, blueprints, posters, drawings, artwork, etc. Protects against creases, bends, tears and folds. One end of the blueprint tube is permanently sealed while the other end allows easy access.

Plastic document tube is moisture proof and comes with an adjustable nylon web shoulder strap that can clip on or off for convenience and portability. 2.75" DIAMETER, 37" length. Perfect plastic storage tube for students, pilots, contractors, draftsmen, architects, engineers, sportsmen, campers, boaters, and more. Alvin MT37-OR orange Ice Tube plastic blueprint tube is lead and phthalate-free, made in USA

Key Features
  • Made of top grade PVC
  • For easy storage and transport for anything you can roll like charts, maps, blueprints, drafts and posters
  • You can use the tubes to store different things such as spray paint cans, baseballs, camera equipment, sodas, dog toys, and more.
In the Box
  • Alvin 37" Orange Plastic Ice Tube