Bowens XMS1000 2-Light Flash Kit

The Bowens XMS1000 2-Light Flash Kit includes 2 multi-voltage, 500Ws XMS1000 flash heads with built-in radio receivers for remote triggering and wireless transmitter. The moonlight heads comes complete with a power cord, flash tube, reflector, and a compact light stand. A 39 x 39 inches Lumiair softbox and a 45.3 inches umbrella are also included. It all fits in the kit's wheeled bag. The moonlight heads is the definitive flash system targeting studio photographers. It provides the highest specification available from a single flash head with faster recycling times and shorter flash durations than any previous models. It is fully digital, ensuring total accuracy of flash power and colour temperatures, which means less time for processing images giving you more time for creating the perfect picture in camera. The intuitive digital control panel makes precision control fast and simple and with 8-stops of flash power (adjustable in 1/10th-stop or 1-stop) that can be easily set from a single rotary control dial. The XMS range is fully compatible with a dedicated 2.4GHz radio remote and trigger system, allowing the photographer to make all necessary adjustments from the camera's position. It also feature multi-voltage operation (100-230V) for worldwide compatibility. Unique design features include an easy-open and quick-lock adjustment latch to make repositioning and fine tuning the angle of your lights as simple as possible. A foldaway stand mount allows for easy-storage and transportation and an innovative and integrated reflector cap enables photographers to shoot straight out of the box.The Lumiair softboxes 100cm (39 x 39 In.) is a Square shaped perfect for portraiture and product shots. Bowens has drawn on this considerable experience to create 'lumiair' the pinnacle in softbox design. Precision tension ensures the straightest edges delivering the perfect cut-off for fashion and portrait work while the optimum colour calibration of the reflective interior surface