Promaster Cold Weather Camera Parka


Nobody likes getting caught in the rain, snow, or cold yet we often find some of the best photography when nature tests us. At these times you need to protect your camera and keep on shooting! The Promaster Cold Weather Camera Parka helps you accomplish this. The parka's PU coated nylon outer shell is water and wind resistant. Cotton batting insulation provides warmth. Two built-in clear windows are a great help in seeing both the back and top of your camera so you can compose and operate the controls. The bottom of the parka and lens ports can be opened for easy attachment to a tripod. A fleece-lined interior is soft and comfortable against your hands. Three lens ports are included with this kit to fit a wide variety of lenses. This includes, but is not limited to, most 70-200mm f2.8 lenses, most 150-600mm lenses, and most 200-600mm lenses. Each of the lens ports has a nylon front that is designed to be folded over to change its length. This feature expands the possibilities and number of lenses the parka works with. A drawstring at the front of each lens port is used to cinch it against your lens or lens hood to keep moisture out and warmth in. When fully extended the 3 lens port lengths are: 9 1/2", 11 1/2", and 14".We also include a detachable fabric hood for the rear window of the parka. This hood is helpful to block light, making the LCD screen on your camera easier to see. And it helps keep some of the rain or snow off the window as well, for a clearer view. The hood has a drawstring which can be helpful for closing-down the opening, especially around a loupe / LCD viewfinder. The ProMaster Cold Weather Camera Parka is constructed of top-notch materials, including durable YKK zippers. A drawstring storage pouch is included for your convenience. This parka will fit most DSLR and mirrorless cameras with and without a battery grip attached (up to 5 1/2"). Many digital medium format cameras will also fit.

Key Features
  • Works with most interchangeable lens cameras
  • Nylon shell is wind and water resistant
  • Cotton batting provides insulation and warmth
  • Soft, comfortable fleece-lined interior
  • 3 lens port sizes to choose from (all included)
  • Clear windows show the camera's LCD screen and top controls
  • Bottom opening allows access to a tripod
In the Box
  • Promaster Cold Weather Camera Parka