Rosco E-Colour+ #770 Burnt Yellow | 21 x 24" Sheet


This is a Rosco E-Colour+ #768 Egg Yolk Yellow Filter. The E-Colour line is Rosco's comprehensive system of European color filters for film and video production. E-Colour encompasses a huge range of material for color effects, alteration, diffusion and reflection. Whether you are in film or TV, video or digital, E-Colour has something for you. These filters are produced with the highest standards and latest dye formulations and bonding technology. Rosco assures the highest levels of reliability and performance.

Key Features
  • For Film and Video Production
  • Dye Formulated and Bonded
  • For CC Filters, Diffusion, Color Effects
In the Box
  • Rosco E-Colour+ #770 Burnt Yellow | 21 x 24" Sheet