Westcott Rapid Box Switch Lantern


The Westcott Rapid Box Switch Lantern features a robust frame and a 20" collapsible China ball style softbox. It creates soft, omnidirectional light with up to a 360° spread. It illuminates large open areas with even coverage using only one light. The Rapid Box Switch Lantern is suitable for overhead lighting and raising the ambient illumination level. It can also be positioned further away to function as a fill light. Set up takes less than a minute. The Rapid Box is also compatible with many strobes, flashes, and constant lights via various optional Westcott Rapid Box Switch Inserts. A quick release thumb lock allows you to quickly swap these interchangeable Switch Inserts.

Key Features
  • 20" Collapsible China Ball Style Softbox
  • Creates Soft Omnidirectional Light
  • Use as Overhead or Fill Light
  • Thumb Lock for Optional Switch Inserts
  • 1-Stop Diffusion Fabric
  • Travel Case Included
In the Box
  • Westcott Rapid Box Switch Lantern
  • Frame
  • Softbox
  • Travel Case
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Frame