Westcott Eyelighter 3 | Silver/Black & Sunlight/White


The Eyelighter 3 from Westcott is a high-quality reflector featuring reversible silver/black and sunlight/white fabrics. It allows you to achieve beautiful clamshell lighting with a single light source. The arc-shaped design matches the natural curvature of the human eye, resulting in seamless catchlights and no unflattering shapes or gaps. Its framework has a secure quick-lock system with an easy push-and-release button for quick and easy setup and breakdown. Tension rods pull the reflective fabric taut to maximize the light cast.

Included are three fabric surfaces for reflecting studio or ambient light plus black for blocking light. Changing the fabrics is a breeze as the reversible white/sunlight fabric stacks on the silver base fabric using hook-and-loop tape. Silver is the most popular fabric due to the distinct look it gives. It creates a very specular light and fills in almost all shadows under the chin and nose. It produces a very defined highlight in the eyes. The white fabric produces a soft, subtle fill and retains some shadows under the chin and nose to help add dimension to your subject's face. The highlight in the eyes is less dramatic and more natural-looking. The sunlight fabric creates a very specular light with slightly warmer tones. The mix of gold and silver material provides a warm glow to skin tones. It especially complements subjects with brown and green eyes.

The Eyelighter 3 has a tiltable support spine that mounts to a standard light stand. The 74° tilting range allows you to control the direction of your light. You can even use it outdoors with natural light. Photographer Larry Peters and Westcott partnered to create the perfect solution for high-contrast reflective lighting. While flat reflectors create unflattering catchlights in your subject's eyes, the Eyelighter 3 has perfected the light by creating a reflector with the same curvature as the human eye. At 6.8 lb, the Eyelighter 3's strong aluminum frame provides durability without the weight. The curved reflector measures 54.5 x 24.8 x 21.2" fully assembled. It collapses to 33" for storage in the included padded carry case.

Key Features
  • Frame with Locking Tilter
  • Black/Silver, Sunlight/White Fabrics
  • Choose Snappy, Warm, or Neutral Look
In the Box
  • Westcott Eyelighter 3 | Silver/Black & Sunlight/White
  • Eyelighter Frame with Locking Tilter
  • 4 x Curved Support Bars
  • 2 x Straight Tension Bars
  • Silver/Black Fabric
  • Sunlight/White Fabric
  • Padded Carry Case
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty